How Autistic Burnout Burnt Bridges, But Built New Ones Too

Rachel Worsley  |  04/01/2024

Malorie Joy Feidler reports in her own words:

"In reflection, my journey from crashing and burning at my first job to becoming a passionate advocate for neurodiversity has been one of personal growth and resilience. I have learned the importance of self-awareness and the need for accom-modations that allow individuals to thrive in their work environments. 

It is a shared responsibility, with employers needing to listen and create inclusive cultures, and individuals embracing their unique strengths and advocating for themselves. 

As I continue on my mission to bridge the gap between [neurodivergent] individuals and organisations, I am fueled by the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue a fulfilling career in an environment that celebrates diversity and enables individuals to reach their full potential."

Find out how she encountered autistic burnout for the first time in her career, and how she recovered from it, in the PDF below: 

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