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The Resource Library is a professionally curated, evidence-based learning portal designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to unleash neurodivergent potential in the global workplace.
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Sample our Resources
"It has been profoundly helpful in developing a business case for neurodiversity at work." 

Emily, engineer with ADHD

"The Resource Library helped me feel seen and heard for the first time."

Tejaswi, autistic, queer woman

"It is an oasis of thoughtful, well-written, well-researched info on neurodiversity in the workplace."

Cheng, ADHD woman and parent to ADHD kids


We actively engage with our readers to tell neurodiverse stories that resonate universally.


We educate people about the value of neurodiversity by translating research into accessible stories that resonate.


We empower people with evidence-based knowledge to create jobs and self-advocate.

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Accessible Storytelling Augmented by Technology


To build a knowledge network library designed to empower professionals with evidence-based accessible resources, augmented by artificial intelligence. 


Equipping neurodivergent professionals, their support network and businesses with accessible resources to unleash their potential at work. 

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