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Our Founder and CEO

Our founder and CEO is Rachel Worsley, who has 5+ years of journalism and marketing experience. She was nominated for a major journalism award in Australia for her reporting on doctors' mental health for a major Australian newspaper for doctors. Her stints in two legal marketing roles cemented her passion for translating traditionally dense jargon into accessible information for ordinary consumers. In addition, Rachel spent five years working in a library. 

Despite her success on paper, Rachel struggled to reach her full potential at work because of undiagnosed ADHD and autism. She was only officially diagnosed in 2018. She discovered her entrepreneurial side, starting her first business (typewriter poetry) in the e-commerce and events space the same year, before starting Neurodiversity Media the following year. 

Rachel has amassed a diverse range of work experience across multiple sectors as an employee, giving her a unique insight into the challenges facing neurodivergent individuals as employees. Furthermore, she has experience as a neurodivergent business owner and employer of neurodivergent staff, which gives her further insight into how employers can accommodate neurodivergent workers and help them reach their full potential. 

                                                                                    Founder and CEO: Rachel Worsley 

Our History

We've gone through quite an evolution. Neurodiversity Media was originally founded in June 2019 by Rachel Worsley as a content marketing agency specialising in copywriting, content strategy and ghostwriting stories about neurodiversity, particularly in autism, ADHD and dyslexia. 

In December 2019, we pivoted to launch the NeuroWork newsletter, which rapidly picked up an international following. We reported original news and views about neurodiversity in the workplace. Although based in Sydney, Australia, we served an international audience, with roughly one-third of an audience hailing from the US and the UK. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold early in 2020, we launched our Scribe Studio service, where we offered our visual storytelling services to companies who wanted to make their materials more accessible due to the uptake of video-conferencing. 

Neurodiversity Media was then accepted into the Remarkable Tech Accelerator program, where we spent four months developing our most ambitious product to date: our Resource Library. 

From a one-person set-up who dreamed of unleashing potential through accessible information, Neurodiversity Media is now a team with a passion for accessibility in all forms. In addition to our founder, our team includes one podcast producer, one digital producer, one designer and one consultant with 30+ years of journalism and marketing experience.

Our media company is proudly neurodivergent, female and LGBTI-led. We are also supported by neurodivergent contributors. 

Our Track Record

Here's what our clients had to say about us: 

Rachel has been fantastic to work with. She is quick to respond and was able to turn work around within tight timeframes. Rachel wrote a great feature piece that was a try representation of my personal struggles with mental health and dyslexia. This piece was written and published for the Foundation for Young Australians during Mental Health Month. - Shae Wissell, CEO of Dear Dyslexic Foundation. 

I engaged Rachel from Neurodiversity Media to assist me primarily with developing a content strategy and to create a structured and easily repeatable approach to content planning. With the goal of increasing brand awareness and growing my audience and email list having been left wanting previously, I'm now in a position with real clarity on how I can continue to develop both in a way that works for me. Rachel's methodical and thoughtful approach has helped to really build my confidence when it comes to actually develop content. I'm also finding that it's taking less time and much less stress too! - Chris Turner. 

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