Our Values


We approach your storytelling dilemmas by putting our feet in the shoes of your intended audience. We then reverse-engineer their customer journey so that your content gives them value first, before you go for the ask.


We work fast and hard to get your content needs met in the short-term. But we know the best content takes time and effort. Our best results come from a long-term partnership aligned with your business goals.


Rewiring the narratives around neurodiversity is hard work. That’s why when we produce journalism and content, we aim to produce content that will last the test of time. We want people to remember our contributions to the world as meaningful efforts to champion the humanity in all of us.


We believe in journalism and content that is truly reader-centric. The public not only has the right to know, but the right to understand and utilise the information to live better, fulfilled lives. We want people to come away from our work to be informed, empowered and able to act to change lives. 


There's enough content out there that disempowers you. We will always outline solutions where we find them. We value your engagement online and offline, for they provide a valuable listening opportunity to solve your current information gaps. We know that the quality of our work will depend on how you will vote with your wallet and your attention. We will never take that honour for granted.

Our Team

“Organizations that destroy the status quo win. Whatever the status quo is, changing it gives you the opportunity to be remarkable." - Seth Godin

“We became so enamored of topple-the-mighty journalism that we forgot about raise-up-the-people journalism.” - Carrie Brown.

Alison Eveleigh

Rachel Worsley: Founder and CEO

Rachel started Neurodiversity Media in June 2019. As its CEO, she is responsible for business development, operations, sales, marketing and HR. She is also the chief contact for all sponsorships, editorial opportunities and advertising for the NeuroWork newsletter. Email her at: rachel[at]neurodiversitymedia.com. 

Isabelle Quigley: Chief Design Officer

Isabelle joined Neurodiversity Media as the Chief Design Officer in December 2019. Isabelle will be the chief visual scribe for Neurodiversity Media's soon-to-be opened graphic recording service, to be unveiled in January 2020. She is also responsible for all design ideas and strategy for our website and content assets. Email her at: isabelle[at]neurodiversitymedia.com. 

Alison Eveleigh: Journalist

Alison is a Sydney based freelance journalist and media lawyer (but really prefers the writing bit). She has worked as a lawyer for a number of large media organisations in both Sydney and London. When not at her desk, you can probably find her in the ocean or hiking up a mountain. Alison joined Neurodiversity Media in November 2019 and is the primary contact for all news tip-offs and story ideas in the NeuroWork newsletter. Email her at: alison[at]neurodiversitymedia.com. 

Our Track Record

Neurodiversity Media was originally founded in June 2019 as a content marketing agency specialising in copywriting, content strategy and ghostwriting stories about neurodiversity, particularly in autism, ADHD and dyslexia. We have worked with clients in these communities to take those narratives outside of advocacy bubbles into the broader public consciousness.  

But don't take our word for it. Here's what our clients had to say about us: 

Rachel has been fantastic to work with. She is quick to respond and was able to turn work around within tight timeframes. Rachel wrote a great feature piece that was a try representation of my personal struggles with mental health and dyslexia. This piece was written and published for the Foundation for Young Australians during Mental Health Month. - Shae Wissell, CEO of Dear Dyslexic Foundation. 

I engaged Rachel from Neurodiversity Media to assist me primarily with developing a content strategy and to create a structured and easily repeatable approach to content planning. With the goal of increasing brand awareness and growing my audience and email list having been left wanting previously, I'm now in a position with real clarity on how I can continue to develop both in a way that works for me. Rachel's methodical and thoughtful approach has helped to really build my confidence when it comes to actually develop content. I'm also finding that it's taking less time and much less stress too! - Chris Turner, Project Enterprise Coaching. 

Our Services

We will be unveiling our full services page in January 2020. In the meantime, we can help you with: 

  • content creation for LinkedIn, such as with articles, text copy and graphics;
  • website copywriting;
  • short-term content writing projects such as client case studies and blog posts;
  • email marketing automation funnels set-up and copywriting (through Mailchimp, Convertkit or Hubspot); and
  • content strategy planning and consulting;
  • media coaching and training; and 
  • speaking opportunities (neurodiversity-specific). 

Email Rachel at rachel[at]neurodiversitymedia.com to learn more and get your 2020 content strategy off to a good start. In the meantime, sign up to our newsletter below so you won't miss the announcement of our full Services page. 

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