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My name's Rachel Worsley. I'm the founder and CEO at Neurodiversity Media. I have 5+ years of journalism and marketing experience, including being shortlisted for a major journalism award for my reporting breaking the stigma and silence on junior doctor's mental health.  I've also done stints in two law firms in marketing roles and worked in a local library. Although I sound successful on paper, this wasn't always the case. 

When I was working in a law firm, I really struggled with proofreading certain contracts and words. I was making quite a lot of mistakes. I always felt really emotional about certain things and just led to a massive depression when I did some research about what ADHD is.

Things started to make sense. I felt really relieved. It changed my life. At that point, things start falling into place. But it took months and months of realisation. After I was diagnosed, I did my research and realised there was just a lot of stuff that was poorly written. That was just not accessible at all. It was very dense and it wasn't just written for adults. It was just written for kids or for parents. 

But it wasn't just a lack of resources for adults. It was also a lack of resources for teachers, for employers, for psychologists, for healthcare professionals. It affected anybody who wanted to work with neurodivergent adults to help them thrive in the workplace. So I realise that I had to start Neurodiversity Media to address this problem.

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Our Resource Library professionally curated, evidence-based learning portal designed to equip neurodivergent professionals, their support network and employers with the knowledge and tools to unleash potential in the workplace. 

Accessible Storytelling Augmented by Technology


To build a knowledge network library designed to empower professionals with evidence-based accessible resources, augmented by artificial intelligence. 


Equipping neurodivergent professionals, their support network and businesses with accessible resources to unleash their potential at work. 

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