Facilitate, collaborate, participate.

Visual engagement that sparks innovation. 

Pictures are a great way to facilitate collaboration and participation in remote and virtual environments. 

After all, the majority of us (65%) are visual learners. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

By picturing your ideas, your team can join the dots in different ways. That's the creative edge you need to stand out in the future of work.

Our Services

Live Scribing

Engage your audience by capturing their ideas in real-time through images and words. Relive the experience with digital visual summaries.

Video Scribes

Relive the experience of your information being turned into pictures with our visual scribe recordings. Watch an example on your right.

Video Meetings


Live-streamed Conferences

Custom Scribing

Need us to spend more time? Our digital hand-drawn graphics can also work for blogs, information factsheets and Easy Read materials. 

Bringing Information To Life

Issy's visual scribe brought the session to life, it kept our attention and served as a talking point. As a person that thinks in mind maps and visuals, it helped keep me and my team on track.

Carly Stebbing, Founder and Principal, Resolution123

Information factsheets



Mind Blowing Service

Neurodiversity Media are brilliant to work with and I can't recommend their visual scribing services enough. If you want to lift the effectiveness of your conference, webinar or workshop to that next level - then use Neurodiversity Media's visual scribing service. We were blown away by how accurately the visual scribe captured our online learning sessions.

Pete Horsley, Remarkable Tech Accelerator

Social Media Graphics

Drive brand awareness and increase conversions with our unique style. 




"I Couldn't Be Happier"

Graphics are so well received, outperforming all other posts (aside from Facebook lives) exponentially. The graphics bring what is otherwise dry and difficult legal information to life. Simplifying it for the average person. I couldn't be happier with the service.

Carly Stebbing, Founder and Principal, Resolution123


Complex storytelling-type graphics that illustrate processes and stories that engage readers. 




Capturing Key Concepts 

Isabelle managed to take a complex topic on customer discovery and extract the key concepts in a one page visual - I was blown away by how much can be captured in a visual frame. As an educator I know that people understand and learn better when they can see, hear and practice new concepts. Isabelle’s skill in visual scribing is a great asset to anyone that wants to communicate clearly and help others learn.

Gauri Bhalla, CEO, Curious Collective

Virtual Backgrounds

Don't make your house your video background. Get a custom virtual background with our unique visual scribing style. 

Creative brand awareness

Zoom backgrounds

Fun ice-breaker

Great Visual Reinforcement 

The visual scribe service provided by Neurodiversity Media helps me capture not just what I think will be helpful to participants but also what the artist Issy (who is also a startup cofounder) thinks will be useful. It’s quite a skill to listen, comprehend and illustrate all at the same time and Issy does an amazing job. I’ve even chosen to use her diagram of our 2020 cohort startups as my Zoom background because it’s a great visual reinforcement that our cohort is made strong by the diversity of our teams and the problem/customer set they address.

Alan Jones, Entrepreneur in Residence, Remarkable.org.au

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