Untreated ADHD Wreaked Havoc On My Life But A Diagnosis Changed Everything

Carolyn Cage  |  12/10/2020

I couldn't sit through a feature-length movie but it never clicked I had ADHD, writes Carolyn Cage.

Neurodiversity Media journalist Carolyn Cage recently shared her personal story of ADHD diagnosis on HuffPost Australia.

Here is a snippet of her story: 

For most of my schooling, I wanted to crawl up into a ball and disappear. I was met with an extreme inability to focus, and constantly found myself in trouble – which led to the failure of keeping up with my peers. I had no idea however, it was a result of untreated ADHD

Until well into adulthood, I knew very little about the disorder – simply because I never understood what it was. I had only ever heard the narratives of the uncontrollable kid, from abuse or neglect; or that ADHD was a result of kids who consumed too much television.

On the other hand, there was commentary around ADHD being a myth, an excuse, or a benign condition, part of the reason why I – and many others, are left undiagnosed for so long. 

Read the full story on the Huffington Post Australia website here.