10 Seriously Relatable Memes For Anyone At Work With ADHD [Memes]

Carolyn Cage  |  16/02/2021

Following from our popular 10 Memes That'll Make You Laugh or Cry if You're Neurodivergent at Work article , we decided to dedicate one to ADHD. They say humour is the best medicine after all!

Following on from our popular 10 Memes to Make You Laugh or Cry if You’re a Neurodivergent at Work article, we decided to put together 10 original memes to make you laugh or cry if you have ADHD at work.As much of a struggle as it is having ADHD or being neurodivergent at work, we all need a bit of humour sometimes to get by!

1. When you're just trying to live your best ADHD life.

2. When you become a magician as soon as you clock on for work.

3. When the day is almost over and you've completed one of ten tasks assigned to you.

4. When you want structure at work, but at the same time can't stand being told what to do.

5. Top 10 ADHD phrase of all time: "I'm sorry, can you please repeat that?".

6. When you get stuck hyperfocusing on your distractions.

7. Quickly burn it and don't tell anyone.

8. When everyone seems to have a collection of clocks, but you only have one that's broken and can never seem to tell the time.

9. When a new work colleague or client introduces themselves to you and you need to refer to them by name five minutes later...

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