Here are some of our most commonly asked questions! Feel free to contact us at rachel@neurodiversitymedia.com if you have any feedback.

1. General Introduction to Resource Library
Why become a member of the Resource Library?

Whether you’re neurodivergent, or have neurodivergent work colleagues, family and friends, we believe that these resources help navigate the challenges of social integration, and equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to unleash potential in the workplace. Resources are designed to cater to different styles of learning and content consumption, and are available in various text and visual formats.

Our core aim of the Resource Library is to develop both a quality resource database and a community of neurodivergent people and their allies, to learn and make a difference.

So, is all content freely accessible to consume and to share?

All our articles and infographics, as well as future information-based awareness-type resources will always be freely accessible, regardless of whether you are a logged-in member or not. We want to counteract the huge amount of misinformation available for free on Google and are optimising our content to ensure it surfaces on page one to dislodge the misinformation from the front page and ensure that our resource base will be the first port of call. 

The only resources that will be gated will be any actionable-type resources, like templates, questionnaires, checklists and user manuals, as well as any Pro-exclusive resources, contained in the Pro Section of the Resource Library. 

Who is behind the creation of resources at the Resource Library?

Our professionally-developed, evidence-based resources are developed either in-house or by trusted freelancers and experts with 5+ years journalism experience. As this expertise behind these resources is what our membership has valued most highly, we’ve previously not accepted external contributions, beyond paid content library partnerships. 

What are paid content library partnerships? 

These are paid arrangements with external organisations who engage Neurodiversity Media to produce accessible resources, with dual publication on the organisation’s own website and our Resource Library, where it is suitably categorised for our audience. To express interest in a content library partnership, email me at rachel@neurodiversitymedia.com.

Can you submit your own resource to the Resource Library? 

Currently, only Pro Members of the Resource Library are allowed to submit their own resources or lived experiences to the Resource Library.

All submissions require time and effort to review to meet our high-quality, evidence-based editorial standards before publication. Therefore, due to our small review team at this stage, we have chosen to offer this exclusive privilege to Pro Members from the Resource Library to ensure we can maintain those standards sustainably. 

2. Signing up as a Free Member of the Resource Library
What do you get as part of signing up to be a free member of the Resource Library?

As a Free member of Neurodiversity Media, you can enjoy access to the following features:

  • Your own member profile
  • Full access to the Resource Library, including lived experiences and success stories
  • Option to Auto-browse by preferred learning style
  • Delivery of the weekly NeuroWork newsletter straight to your inbox (see section 4 below "Neurowork newsletter")

What does a member profile look like, and how can I create one?

Start by clicking on the account icon on the top-right-hand side of the website, after logging in:

Then select "Member Profile":

Here you can upload a photo, change your library preferences and add your LinkedIn profile link. If you are a free member, you will have the "Free" sign next to your name. If you upgrade to Pro, your sign will change to "Pro".

What do you mean by full access to the Resource Library?

When you sign up as a free member of the Resource Library, you are able to access the Resource Library catalogue of filters to help find relevant resources. These filters allow you to view the subset of content which is of interest to you. 

You do not need to login as a member to view individual resources. However, to conveniently access the full catalogue of resources and use our filter-based system, you must be a logged-in free member. 

Here are some images of what the Resource Library looks like. 

How do I browse information in the Resource Library?

When you sign up as a member of the Resource Library, you will have been asked to select your preferred information consumption style preferences. You can select one or more options. This means when you are logged in, the "format" filter of the Resource Library page will be automatically "pre-ticked" to your preferred information consumption style. 

You can always change your "pre-ticked" format preferences by going to your Member Profile link that is hosted in the Account drawer menu, and then re-selecting the different formats, and saving your profile. 

There is also the option to filter resource library articles by relevance to your condition of interest, career stage and employment status:

3. Upgrading to Pro Membership of the Resource Library
What benefits do I get as a Pro Member of the Resource Library?

Pro Membership costs AUD$99, renewable annually. You can immediately upgrade to Pro membership after you first sign up as a free member of the Resource Library. Otherwise, free members can choose the "Upgrade to Pro" option in their member profile settings to upgrade anytime. 

As a Pro member, you get the following benefits:

  • On-demand access to actionable checklists on topics such as communication and project management through our exclusive Pro Section. 
  • First-in-line, exclusive access to our pilot program of ND "safe space" discussion groups to connect with other ND professionals and employers interested in employing ND workers
  • Ability to submit your resource or neurodivergent lived experience story to be featured in the Resource Library. Privilege not available to free members. 

But you don't have to take our word for it. Read these testimonials, many from Pro Members, who have discussed the benefits of Pro. 

Is there a monthly option to pay for Pro Membership?

Not at this stage. It is on our development roadmap to develop a monthly option for those who cannot an upfront AUD$99 Pro payment. 

In the interim, you can donate one-off small amounts to founder and CEO Rachel Worsley's personal Ko-Fi donation fund, to help fund specific resources, such as an autistic burnout guide. 

Do you have group discounts if my workplace wants to buy multiple Pro memberships? 

We are happy to arrange for a group discount if you intend to buy at least 10 or more Pro memberships on behalf of your organisation. Contact rachel@neurodiversitymedia.com if you would like to explore this option. 

Do you have a corporate or enterprise offer? 

Not at this stage, but please get in touch at rachel@neurodiversitymedia.com for early discussions on how we might be able to help you in this area. 

(Australia-only) Can the Pro membership be paid for using NDIS funds?

Based on our research to date, we believe that our AUD$99 annual membership can be paid for under an NDIS plan if you have an employment goal in your NDIS plan. The Pro membership is an effective resource for helping you plan your career goals and to help you gain employment. When you pay for a Pro membership, you will automatically receive an invoice from Stripe that you can use to submit to your accountant (if you are plan-managed) or to keep for your records (if you are self-managed). 

Can I pay for Pro Membership via PayPal?

Unfortunately, we have not been able to fund the development of the platform to include payment via PayPal, but this is on our developmental roadmap. In the meantime, you can contact rachel@neurodiversitymedia.com if you want to pay for Pro Membership via bank transfer. We have bank accounts in the USA, UK and Australia to facilitate such transfers.

What happens after you upgrade to Pro?

You will go through an onboarding process that allows you to further personalise the browsing experience of the Resource Library according to your specific topic interests. You can always change your preferences in your member account settings. 

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4. Neurowork Newsletter
What is the Neurowork Newsletter?

The NeuroWork newsletter is our regular email newsletter sent out to our free members that curates the latest and most interesting resources that have been added to the Resource Library. Our audience is split between neurodivergent members, family members, support workers, employers and other interested parties. 

How do I receive the NeuroWork Newsletter?

You can request to receive the NeuroWork newsletter by ticking the consent box in our join sign-up form:

Any questions? Email rachel@neurodiversitymedia.com. We want to hear your feedback! 

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