Membership FAQs

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions! 

1. What do you mean by a free member profile?

When you first join the Resource Library, you will automatically get a free profile that allows you to upload a photo, change your library preferences and add your LinkedIn profile link. If you are a free member, you will have the logo "Free" next to your name. If you upgrade to Pro, it will be upgraded to Pro.

You can find your member profile by going to the top right of the page and clicking "Member Profile"

2. What do you mean by full access to the Resource Library? 

When you sign up as a free member of the Resource Library, you unlock the full resources pages where you can use the filters of the Library. This page is only available to logged-in free members.

However, the majority of resources are freely accessible if shared publicly via social media or email without a login. If someone wants the benefit of accessing the full library of resources and use the filters, they must be a logged-in free member. 

3. What do you mean by auto-browse based on learning preferences? 

When you sign up as a member of the Resource Library, you will have been asked to select your preferred information consumption style preferences. You can select one or all. This means when you are logged in, the "format" filter of the Resource Library page will be automatically pre-ticked to your preferred information consumption style. 

You can always change your "preticked" format preferences by going to your Member Profile link that is hosted in the Account drawer menu, and then re-selecting the different formats, and saving your profile. 

4. How do I browse information in the Resource Library? 

The Resource Library is categorised using a filter-based system. 

As a free member, your "format" preferences are automatically preticked as per your sign-up form, or through the form that you change. If you upgrade to Pro, you will go through an onboarding process that allows you to pretick all the other boxes to further personalise the experience of the Resource Library (if you have chosen the neurodivergent affiliation) or allows you to pretick the "topics" box (if you choose other affiiations).   

5. What is the NeuroWork Newsletter?

The NeuroWork newsletter is our regular email newsletter sent out to our free members that curates the latest and most interesting resources that have been added to the Resource Library. Our audience is split between neurodivergent members, family members, support workers, employers and other interested parties. 

6. How do I receive the NeuroWork Newsletter?

You can get the NeuroWork newsletter by ticking the box to consent to receiving the newsletter in our join sign-up form. 

7. How do I upgrade to Pro Membership and how much does it cost? 

You can upgrade to Pro membership through your account settings that says "Upgrade to Pro", or straight after you first sign up as a member of the Resource Library. Pro Membership costs AUD$99 and renews on an annual basis. 

8. What benefits do I get as a Pro Member of the Resource Library? 

  • Access resources based on your career stage (for neurodivergent individuals) or on specific topics of interest (for friends, families and employers). 
  • Receive extra-personalised resources and professional development opportunities delivered via the NeuroWork Pro newsletter, starting in 2021.
  • Get Pro-exclusive member discounts (ranging from 10-50% off) on templates, questionnaires, and masterclasses, starting in 2021.
  • Make a real difference to the employment prospects of neurodivergent individuals. We divert 10% of your Pro membership fee to our Jobs Trust Fund, so we can create paid work opportunities for unemployed neurodivergent individuals with creative arts backgrounds to produce resources for the Resource Library. 

9. What happens after you upgrade to Pro? 

You will go through a personalised onboarding process that allows you to further personalise your experience of the Resource Library. You can always change your preferences in your account settings. If you signed up under the "neurodivergent" affiliation, you will go through a personalised onboarding process that allows you to pretick all the filters in the Resource Library. If you signed up under any other affiliation, you will personalise your experience according to specific topics of interest. 

10. What is the NeuroWork Pro Newsletter?

The NeuroWork Pro newsletter will contain bonus actionable resources, such as our evidence-based checklists, questionnaires, templates and user manuals that are only available to Pro Members. We will also be sharing professional development opportunities, exclusive discount codes for Pro Members for masterclasses. More perks and details will be revealed in early 2021. 

11. What are Pro-Exclusive member discounts and how do they work?

If you become a Pro Member, any paid resources will automatically attract a permanent 10% discount on the recommended retail price (RRP). We are currently building out our first suite of paid resources, ready to be unveiled in the first quarter of 2021. 

You can get up to 50% off on paid resources by earning "Neuros", our points-based scheme, which entitles you to certain badges as part of our "Readers to Leaders" member badge system. The Neuros system is currently in beta-testing phase and won't be fully operational until the end of March 2021. 

However, the concept is that you will earn Neuros for contributing useful posts in our forum and sharing knowledge and resources with other members These Neuros will allow you to unlock tiers of increasing benefits, starting from "Reader", before upgrading to "Friend", "Ally" and finally "Leader". This means you will get permanent discounts on all paid resources of the Resource Library of up to 15%, 25% and 50% the higher you go up the tiers. 

In the meantime, until the system is fully operational, Neuros will be given out on a discretionary basis by Neurodiversity Media staff for providing product feedback in our forum, so that you will be among the first to take full advantage of the generous discounts when we unveil our first suite of paid resources. 

You can find your Neuro count on your member profile. More details about the scheme will be revealed in 2021. 

12. What are paid resources and how are they different from what's on offer in the Library?

Our Resource Library platform is built on an e-commerce marketplace platform, which means that everything in the Resource Library can be turned into a product that can be sold, either as a virtual good (like templates and webinars), physical goods (like books) or services (like booking a calendar appointment with vetted experts in neurodiversity).

The phrase "one-stop shop" gets thrown about a lot, but we may be one of the few platforms that will literally embody the concept of the "one stop shop" on neurodiversity in the workplace. You can always browse our free information-based resources, formatted to your learning preferences, for awareness and education. When you want to act upon those resources, such as buying relevant actionable resources, goods or services, you can purchase them all within the same platform. 

In 2021, we are starting with building out our virtual goods marketplace, starting with bundled virtual products (such as templates, user manuals and questionnaires) around specific themes in the Resource Library. More will be revealed in 2021. 

13. What is the NDM Trust Fund?

The NDM Trust Fund is our social impact initiative, where we divert 10% of each individual Pro Membership to our dedicated savings account which will go towards employing neurodivergent staff in the creative arts sector to help produce resources for the Resource Library. 

In 2021, we aim to offer 3 day a week paid internships that go for at least one month, centred around creating a valuable resource for the Resource Library. Every paid intern will get structured training on how to create accessible resources, whether in written, audio, visual or video form.

We may be able to offer "secondments" to large corporates, where we "loan" out paid interns to work in-house with large corporates who have contracted with Neurodiversity Media for our expertise in developing accessible resources. This "secondment style" scheme means that paid interns will be able to put such organisations on their resume, in addition to experience gained at Neurodiversity Media, further boosting their employability. 

On completion of our paid internship program, paid interns will join our NDM Talent Pool where they will get first-in-line access to permanent job opportunities or freelance opportunities to make further contributions to the Resource Library. 

14. Do you have a community forum? 

We do have a community forum, but full development and engagement of the community forum is not our main focus at the moment, due to our small team. However, the Neurodiversity Media team does informally use our community forum to do beta testing for our Neuros system and to get product feedback. We have built in the basic functionality of the community forum as a basis for future website development, likely in the second half of 2021. 

15. Can I submit my own work or resources to the Resource Library?

Our membership strongly values our evidence-based, curated and professionally developed resources developed by our in-house team, as well as in partnership with trusted experts and freelancers. Therefore, we do not currently accept any external contributions to the Resource Library unless it is part of a paid content library partnership, 

We will review this policy towards the end of 2021 based on whether the Neurodiversity Media team has grown sufficiently in numbers and capacity to be able to accept and review external submissions into the Resource Library.

In the meantime, we will focus on allowing you to utilise our community forum to post your own work. More details will be provided in 2021 on how this will work. 

16. What is a content library partnership? 

These are paid arrangements with external organisations who have engaged Neurodiversity Media to produce accessible resources that are published first on their website before being republished in our Resource Library for categorisation and for further exposure to our neurodiverse audience. If you are interested in exploring a content library partnership for your business, please get in touch with Rachel Worsley at

17. Do you have an Enterprise solution for corporates?

We are currently building out our enteprise solution for corporates. Please check back on this page in 2021 for full details. 

18. Is all content freely accessible to share on social media?

All our articles and infographics, as well as future information-based awareness-type resources will always be freely accessible, regardless of whether you are a logged-in member or not. We want to counteract the huge amount of misinformation available for free on Google and are optimising our content to ensure it surfaces on page one to dislodge the misinformation from the front page and ensure that our resource base will be the first port of call. 

The only resources that will be gated will be any actionable-type resources, like templates, questionnaires, checklists and user manuals, as well as any Pro-exclusive resources. 

18. Do you have a roadmap for what you are currently working on?

We are working on a roadmap that can be available for the general public. At the moment, here are some of our initiatives that we've been brainstorming and working on for 2021: 

1. ND Tick program: an accreditation program for workplaces that we certify as ND-friendly

2. A ND Jobs Board: a jobs board featuring jobs from different industries for organisations that we believe are ND-friendly or that we've certified as having the ND Tick. 

3. Masterclass program: our peer-led practical workshop program, where we engage peers and experts who have lived experience of neurodiversity and the workplace to teach relevant skills to people. 

19. When will you build out the "ND Safe Space"?

We are looking at building out the safe space sometime in late 2021 or early 2022. As a bridge-building media company, we believe on focusing on our core strength of providing accessible resources to equip not just neurodivergent professionals, but the community around them, to banish stigma and stereotypes. Once we have laid down the foundations of that mission, we will be able to expand into more neurodivergent-specific features, like a safe space. 

20. Australia-only: can the Pro membership be paid for using NDIS funds?

Based on our research to date, we believe that our AUD$99 annual membership can be paid for under an NDIS plan if you have an employment goal in your NDIS plan. The Pro membership is an effective resource for helping you plan your career goals and to help you gain employment. When you pay for a Pro membership, you will automatically receive an invoice from Stripe that you can use to submit to your accountant (if you are plan-managed) or to keep for your records (if you are self-managed). 

21. Will you be building a monthly payment option for Pro? 

It is on our development roadmap to develop a monthly option for those who cannot an upfront AUD$99 Pro payment. Broken down monthly, the payment is $8.25 per month. 

However, in 2021, we want to stress the enormous value of paying AUD$99 upfront because we believe it is like joining a union or professional association that normally ask members to pay yearly fees. The unique value proposition of the Resource Library is that it is a community of like-minded peers who are all interested in learning about neurodiversity in the workplace. 

22. With member profiles, do you intend to develop a LinkedIn-style platform in the future?

That is definitely part of the plan, but we have to start somewhere! In the first version of this platform, we have simply laid down the foundations of a platform that has multiple layers of engagement. In phase one, we are building out a comprehensive content library of accessible resources, which will attract a huge range of people who will be engaged with the platform. Once we have attracted a sufficient range of members, we will be able to invest in developing a fully-fledged professional networking platform that will connect jobseekers, companies and interested people to help unleash potential in the workplace. 

Any questions? Email We want to hear your feedback! 

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