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22 Statistics About Neurodiversity and Employment You May Not Know

By Isabelle Quigley and Alison Eveleigh | Blog, NeuroWork, #4, News | 3 Jan 2020 |

Here are some facts and statistics that you might not know about neurodiversity and employment. 


Specialisterne Australia flags major expansion of Federal Talent Hubs in 2020

By Alison Eveleigh and Rachel Worsley | Blog, NeuroWork, #1, News | 5 Dec 2019 |

A unique employment approach that allows public and private employers to "sell themselves" to autistic jobseekers will be rolled out to more states and territories across Australia in 2020, according to specialist recruitment company Specialisterne Australia. 


Australian-first Incubator for Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs Kicks Off

By Alison Eveleigh | Blog, NeuroWork, #1, News | 5 Dec 2019 |

Australia's first-ever incubator for neurodivergent entrepreneurs kicked off in Perth, Australia. 


Support for autistic workers may be seen as unfair by co-workers: study

By Alison Eveleigh | Blog, NeuroWork, #1, News | 21 Nov 2019 |

Support provided to autistic workers may unintentionally create a sense of unfairness or bias among their co-workers, according to an analysis of an Australian autism hiring program.

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