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22 Statistics About Neurodiversity and Employment You May Not Know

By Isabelle Quigley and Alison Eveleigh | Blog, NeuroWork, #4, News | 3 Jan 2020 |

Here are some facts and statistics that you might not know about neurodiversity and employment. 


Your Australian Guide To Workplace Rights if You Have ADHD

By Rachel Worsley and Isabelle Quigley | Blog, NeuroWork, #4, Visual | 3 Jan 2020 |

We interviewed Carly Stebbing from Resolution 123 regarding how people with ADHD can advocate for themselves at work. If you believe you have experienced discrimination at work based on your ADHD, here are some actions you may wish to take.


How to Employ Neurodivergent Talent if You're A Small Business

By Alison Eveleigh | Blog, NeuroWork, SYDND, #4 | 28 Dec 2019 |

There are some simple steps that small business can take to find and keep Neurodiverse talent.


auticon, successful in Europe, is looking at Australia

By Alison Eveleigh | Blog, NeuroWork, SYDND, #4 | 28 Dec 2019 |

 Employing Neurodiverse people directly is not the only way for businesses to benefit from their unique talents and abilities.

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