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How To Tell Better Stories About Neurodiversity in 2020

By Rachel Worsley | Blog, NeuroWork, Editorial, #3 | 3 Jan 2020 |

This is Rachel Worsley's first editorial as publisher and editor of NeuroWork. She outlines the importance of better storytelling for neurodiversity in 2020, as well as an outline of NeuroWork's purpose. 


Formal Workplace Accommodation Policies Needed for Autistic Employees

By Alison Eveleigh | Blog, NeuroWork, #3 | 3 Jan 2020 |

Companies should have formal policies to address workplace accommodations for autistic employees in the absence of professional support, according to researchers. 


A Micro-Business Incubator That Allows Autistic People to Monetise Their Special Interests

By Rachel Worsley | Blog, NeuroWork, IdeaSpies, #3 | 1 Jan 2020 |

How can we improve the unemployment rate for autistic people? Here's my idea for a micro-business incubator that is based on monetising people's interests. 


Neurodiversity Movement: Making Progress But Still Work To Be Done

By Alison Eveleigh | Blog, NeuroWork, SYDND, #3 | 29 Dec 2019 |

The Neurodiversity movement continues to make progress, but there is a long way to go. Our panel discussed some of the current problems and what is being done to solve them.


How to Use ADHD to your Business Advantage

By Alison Eveleigh | Blog, NeuroWork, SYDND, #3 | 29 Dec 2019 |

Those with ADHD are passionate and creative people who thrive off variety, interest and challenge. Rachel Worsley has leveraged these strengths to build a successful and diverse career and she believes that employers and entrepreneurs can too, by following some helpful advice.

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