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A Rare Inside Look into an Autism Hiring Program Between Manager and Employee

By Alison Eveleigh | Blog, NeuroWork, #2, Q&A | 20 Dec 2019 |

NeuroWork speaks directly to the managers and employees at the heart of the Rise@DHHS program. 


The Origins and Evolution of Neurodiversity

By Alison Eveleigh | Blog, NeuroWork, SYDND, #2 | 18 Dec 2019 |

Judy Singer explains the origins of the term ‘Neurodiversity’ and how this has sparked social change. 


Building the Next Generation of Dyslexic Leaders

By Alison Eveleigh | Blog, NeuroWork, SYDND, #2 | 17 Dec 2019 |

Will Wheeler from the Dyslexic Evolution explains how he is building the next generation of dyslexic leaders.


How Autistic Teenagers and Adults Can Start Their Micro-Business

By Alison Eveleigh | Blog, NeuroWork, SYDND, #2 | 16 Dec 2019 |

Laura and Clay Lewis, from Clay Needs No Moulding, share the story about how Clay went from struggling to find after-school work to starting a thriving micro-business that employs people. 

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