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1. Information Consumption Preferences

Everyone has different ways of learning. Not everyone likes to read, but some may love looking at infographics. By answering this question, we will automatically update any Resource Library content tailored to your preferred format. 

You can check one box (such as text) or all the boxes. You can always change your preferences in the preferences settings once you have visited the Resource Library. 

2. Affiliations

Neurodivergent: Anyone who is diagnosed or has a suspected diagnosis of ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, Tourette’s, or a combination. Note: if that you indicate ND, this affiliation won’t be displayed publicly on your member profile. 

Family, friends and support workers: For anyone who is related to someone with a neurodivergent condition or those who support neurodivergents. 

Employers and Hiring Managers: for business owners, HR managers and D&I groups who want to learn about working with neurodivergent staff? 

Other: For career advisors, healthcare professionals and other interested parties who do not fit in the above categories. 

3. NeuroWork Newsletter

The NeuroWork newsletter is our email newsletter featuring a selection of resources from the Resource Library. Opt into the newsletter so that you'll always be updated on the latest resources that have been added to the Resource Library.

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Accessible Storytelling Augmented by Technology


To build a knowledge network library designed to empower professionals with evidence-based accessible resources, augmented by artificial intelligence. 


Equipping neurodivergent professionals, their support network and businesses with accessible resources to unleash their potential at work. 

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