"I'm in a safe workplace": 6 Months as a Digital Content Producer [Case Study]

Carolyn Cage  |  06/12/2020

Carolyn Cage, who has ADHD, shares her portfolio of work at Neurodiversity Media to date and why she is passionate about creating content to bring inclusivity to the workplace. 
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My name is Carolyn Cage and I’m the Digital Content Producer at Neurodiversity Media. I started with the company in late June 2020, working alongside Rachel Worsley (founder and CEO) for the last six months. 

Prior to that, I was freelancing, taking on short-term contracts and working casually as a journalist, researcher and media specialist. For the most part, I had the freedom to work from home - the environment I work best, but there were some jobs that required me to work in an office and around other people, which is why I only ever took on short-term contracts and never sought out full time employment.

Workplace policies

Right before I started working at Neurodiversity Media, I was diagnosed with ADHD, something I have struggled with my entire life. You can read more about my journey here. It was by coincidence that the job at Neurodiversity Media came up, but the reason why I applied was because a part of me wanted to know more about ADHD as I had limited knowledge, which is what led to my late diagnosis in the first place.

Since working at Neurodiversity Media, I’ve spent my time creating valuable resources, slide decks, infographics and memes related to neurodiversity in the workplace and more broadly. I’ve created them from evidence based resources, studies and surveys and also drawn from my own personal experience as a neurodivergent employee.

With the freedom to draw from my own experiences, I’ve been able to create content that is relatable to many other neurodivergent folk. This is a meme I made last week, while spending way too much time creating Instagram carousels when I should have been transcribing case studies instead. The post has reached 1.5k likes and counting.

Quiet spaces

When I’m creating the resources, I find it easy because I am someone who can relate to the struggles of what it’s like to work in a noisy environment, with inflexible working hours, vague instructions and without an option to work from home because I have been there many times in the past.

Vague Instructions

After working at Neurodiversity Media however, I see how easy it is to implement accommodations – and because of that I’m able to flourish at work. I have the option of working from home where I am without distractions, my days and hours are flexible so I can work around other commitments, and I’m in a safe workplace where my boss is aware of my ADHD, so I can confidently ask for instructions in the way that my brain will process them.

Through my personal experience working at Neurodiversity Media, where my needs are met and in a lot of ways for the first time in my professional career, I know first-hand the difference that it makes not only to myself, but in the quality of work I am
able to produce.

It’s also through creating resources about workplace accommodations - from the recruitment process through to communication styles and workplace environments – that I see again how easy these accommodations are to implement, and motivates me to inspire others to do the same.

How to Give an Autistic Worker Mental Processing Time

This is a visual slidedeck that I made. It got thousands of views and dozens of shares on LinkedIn through Rachel's LinkedIn profile, mostly by HR professionals with no connection to neurodiversity who appreciated the visual illustration of a workplace accommodation that was easy to implement. 

When I look back at previous workplaces, I realise that there were no formal policies in place due to a lack of awareness and understanding. It was not because there were no neurodivergent employees, because I can almost guarantee that there were others who struggled in silence alongside myself.

Because of that I feel extremely passionate about creating content that can hopefully bring understanding, support and inclusivity into workplaces, so neurodivergent people don’t lose their self-confidence, question their capabilities, or get left behind. Most of all so they can feel comfortable at work and reach their full potential.

Communication Checklist

This was one of ten checklists that I made on key topics like communication, teamwork, project management and flexible work. When Rachel presented this example for a presentation on teamwork with neurodivergent members, people wanted to know more about getting hold of these checklists. 

I see the value that Neurodiversity Media can bring to other workplaces and I am excited to get the ball rolling and set up different facets of the business, such as the “ND Tick” – an accreditation for workplaces that have made the necessary changes
to be neurodivergent-friendly. I truly believe that an inclusive workplace will benefit everyone in the business, company or organisation, whether you are neurodivergent or not.

Don’t have to take my word for it however, you can find out for yourself by signing up as a Pro member of our Resource Library. 

Pro Membership Benefits

Unlocking potential
  • Take your professional development to the next-level through extra personalisation of resources and professional development opportunities based on your career stage (for neurodivergent individuals) or on specific topics of interest (for friends, families and employers). 
  • Save hundreds of dollars on learning and development through Pro-exclusive discounts (ranging from 10-50% off) on practical, evidence-based resources such as templates, questionnaires, and masterclasses. 
  • Make a real difference to the employment prospects of neurodivergent individuals. We divert 10% of your Pro membership fee to our Jobs Trust Fund, to create jobs and paid internships for unemployed neurodivergent individuals with creative arts backgrounds to produce resources for the Resource Library.
  • Upgrade to access all 10 of Carolyn's checklists.
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