Your Brief Guide to the Resource Library (Written Version - November 2020}

by Rachel 11/11/2020 Product Roadmap Updates

Hello! If you've just joined the Resource Library as a member, thank you for being part of this unique community committed to learning and sharing accessible knowledge about neurodiversity in the workplace. 

My name is Rachel Worsley and I'm the founder and CEO of Neurodiversity Media. I'll be your main NDM contact person in this forum, assisted by my staff as our community grows. If you see any bugs, wonky things or just want to share feedback, please leave a comment below or shoot me an email at rachel[at] 

I hope to record a brief video walkthrough soon, and will drop a link to it in a separate post. For now, here's my quick write-up. 

1. The Resource Library is mostly governed by a set of filters. When you first joined the Resource Library, you were asked to choose your preferred form of information consumption. If you chose only "text", for example, the Resource Library automatically shows text-based articles only. If you chose "video", you only get videos. If you choose all (as many of you did), you'll get all the formats. 

At this stage of development, we've focused most of our resource production in the text and visual category, but hope to push into more audio and video resources in 2021. 

2. You can always reset your information consumption through your account settings, located in the top right hand corner of your screen. 

3. To search the library, start typing some words and wait 1-2s, and the relevant results will pop up. You don't have to press enter. 

4. Hit the "clear all filters" button at the bottom of the list to reset the filters so you can see all the resources in one place. 

5. We recommend applying 2-3 filters at a time, or you might turn up some blank results. We're working hard to update our Resource Library with new and relevant resources to hit across as many different filters as possible. 

6. If you're hitting blank a few times, refresh your browser page. If it's still a problem, please send me an email. 

7. If you upgrade to Pro membership, you are able to set permanent filters tied to your individual member profile for condition (like autism) or topics (like lived experiences). Only members who signed up with the affiliation for neurodivergent will be able to set permanent filters for the all the available filters in the library. For all other affiliations, it is by topic of interest only.  

So if you're an autistic person who just wants to read success stories or lived experiences about autistic people, you can format your entire Resource Library experience with just a feed of success stories and lived experiences relating to autistic people.

So we save you a lot of time having to reset all the filters of your preferred topics everytime you log back into your account. You can always change those settings anytime by redoing the onboarding process located in your Pro member account settings. 

Plus, if you want to access or check out other resources, you can always change the filters yourself in the main Resources page.

I hope this crash course helps! Please let me know below if you have any questions, concerns or feedback. 

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