How to get co workers to take your neurodivergence seriously.. any tips?

by rosie 07/02/2021 Neurodivergent Community

Hi All!! 


I have been struggling recently to showcase the impact of my neurodivergence on my work. I have (diagnosed) Dyslexia and dyspraxia with (undiagnosed) ADHD. I work in a stressful environment and struggle with the pressures put on me not only to complete the work at hand but also teach everyone around me about how my diagnosis affects me. it's completely exhausting and I experience debilitating 'burnout' once a month at a minimum.   I would love to know more about how others gain support and respect surrounding their neurodivergence at work, essentially... how to help people understand you to the point that they take neurodigergence seriously! Can anyone help/ experienced this before? Thank you in advance :) 


Rosie x

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