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New member

by Kimberly 28/03/2021 Neurodivergent Community

Hello, my name is Kimberly. I am 37 years old and newly diagnosed with Autism. I work in a high-stress job as a healthcare…
How to get co workers to take your neurodivergence seriously.. any tips?

by rosie 07/02/2021 Neurodivergent Community

Hi All!!    I have been struggling recently to showcase the impact of my neurodivergence on my work. I have (diagnosed…
What Is It Like to Have Tourette Syndrome During a Pandemic?

by Seonaid 10/09/2020 Neurodivergent Community

Its not easy living with TS during Covid times - for those people with TS who have suggestible coughing and and sniffing t…

by Lou at Kind Connect 05/08/2020 Neurodivergent Community

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for joining our platform.  This is a place for everyone to discuss their experiences as n…

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